What is a good organic mattress company?



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    You’ll want to check our Essentia. They make the only natural memory foam mattresses in the world. http://www.myessentia.com

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    I’ve attached a website that has a variety of brands of organic mattresses that are all good ones. They also offer organic sheets, sustainable wood bed frames and other goods. I’v found they have a good variety of all reliable brands of organic mattresses, and you can compare the different costs. 

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    The Sealy Posturpedic Natural Origins Series mattresses are mede from recycled steel, natural latex, and organic bamboo. You can also check out the Vera Wang Collection by Serta Specialty, which is also organic. Both collections are high end, so price and quality are both on the higher end. I was recently shopping for a new bed and I found both of these brands to be very comfortable. Organic mattresses are especially desirable for people with allergies, as they are not vulnerable to dust mites like conventional mattresses are.

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    The savvy rest was rated number one by national geographic. They are free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), hypoallergenic, and made of natural latex rubber so it’s very comfortable. Their mattresses are also certified organic, which means that you can trust their claims. 

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    Flobeds is a really great organic mattress company. They use 100% organic latex from rubber trees. Their cotton is 100% organic, as is the wool they use. The sheep that they harvest their wool from are outside all year-round and are not treated cruely.

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    I’ve done a LOT of research in this area an what I’ve found is that there is only one truly certified organic mattress manufacturer in the United States.

    To be truly organic not only do all the materials used need to certified as organic by a recognized third party organization but the manufacturing process must be in a certified organic manufacturing facility (all of the mattresses mentioned above are NOT).If they aren’t then the purity of the material used to create the mattress are becoming contaminated during the manufacturing process and can no longer be considered organic.

    OMI is the only mattress manufacturer in the U.S. that uses 100% certified organic materials to construct their mattresses and they have the ONLY manufacturing plant in the U.S. that is certified organic as well. They only allow organic materials into their plant and they manufacturer nothing else but organic mattresses, pillows and comforters.

    I bought my organic mattress from a qualified OMI dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area called Urban Sleep Store. They have a lot of great information about the company and their organic mattresses on their website.

    There is also a free organic mattress report on this page that I downloaded. It really helped me understand what to watch out for in this competitive organic mattress industry.

    Here’s the link to the page on Urban Sleep Stores website that shows all the certifications OMI has as well as what they call a purity guarantee. OMI is so confident about the organic purity of their mattresses that if you can find a purer mattress than theirs, they’ll give you theirs for free.

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