What is a good option for BPA free water bottles?



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    The popular choice would be a Nalgene bottle, but there are many other brands that are BPA free and do not alter the taste of your water. Some prefer steel water bottles. They are BPA free and based on reference, do not leave that taste in your mouth.

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    Some other options include Klean Kanteen, which are stainless steel and BPA free. The only issues with them are they dent, or chip paint (if you get a painted one). Also, they are made in China. Their best feature in my opinion is that they do not retain tastes like some Nalgenes do. This is good when you are mixing powdered drink mixes in your water bottle. Another option is the Vapur bottle which is nice because it is collapsable, BPA free, freezer safe and dishwater safe.

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    Try a new product called Vapur the anti-bottle. Reusable, BPA free, dishwasher safe, freezable, no plastic taste, made in the USA and it rolls up to fit in your pocket after it’s empty. I LOVE mine!

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    I opt for a single size thermos – all metal.

    This keeps my water nice and fresh and COLD for about 9 hours.

    Found at Walmart.

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