What is a good natural material to put in the bottom of a pond I am building to keep the water in?



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    You might try lining your pond with clay or loam (a mixture of sand, silt and clay). If you care for and properly build your pond, this option will both look nice and be eco-friendly. There are a few disadvantages, however. A clay bottom pond far more difficult to construct than concrete or other liners, and is more difficult to keep from leaking. Additionally, potentially unwanted plants will grow readily in a clay bottom pond, requiring a bit more work on your part to keep the pond maintained.

    Have a look at this article, it might be helpful: http://www.buildyourownpond.biz/garden-pond-construction/clay-pond.html.

    You might also try a geosynthetic clay liner (a material used to line landfills). With the addition of a layer of clay on top, this option should solve any seepage problems and provide the same eco-friendly benefits as regular clay.

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