What is a good green way to exercise?



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    Anything that involves only you.  Get out and go for a walk or a run!  Do body weight exercises in your home, such as push ups and crunches.  

    Anything at a gym or requires your car to get there can be scratched.

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    Going for a run or walk outside is very healthy and green. Doing Yoga or Pilates or Tai Chi in the park is also a green way to exercise. Instead of going to the gym to lift weights you can lift different items you find around the house. You could also walk or ride a bike to work or school and both get exercise and cut down on your carbon emissions.

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    Run, swim, walk, bike, kayak, jump rope, skip, dance!  Any exercise that doesn’t involve electricity or excessive resources will be good for you and the environment.  If you don’t have a lot of time set aside for exercise alone, try walking short distances when you would have used the car or take the stairs instead of the elevator.  

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