What is a good green present for my 8 yr old child, Something that might help teach him about the environment?



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    The link below has some toys which may be of interest to you.

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    Here is a solar powered car. 

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    If you are handy, you can also convert battery operated toys to solar toys with minimal supplies.  This can also be a very great educational project to do with your son.

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    I would suggest a terrarium. Learning to create an environment for a pet, even one as small as a frog or a salamander, and maintaining the environment will teach many lessons of cause and effect within an ecosystem. You could have the aquarium wrapped along with a gift card to a pet store. Then you could help your child select the right pet and plants to create a realistic habitat. Make sure you don’t take any animals from the wild, though. They will likely by short lived and may even bring outside diseases into the home.

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    This website lists green friendly toys that don’t contain questionable chemicals.


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    Books are always good and can promote knowledge. Also, I always enjoyed a good old fashioned any farm as a kid, that could promote or spark an interest in the natural world. 

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    A kite is a simple idea that portrays the renewable power of wind. 

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    This website has got the absolute greatest green science kits, stuff I would have loved growing up — especially the Solar Rover kit (where kids build solar powered robots), and Solar Science kit. What better way to instill interest in clean, alternative energy then by having your kid create it?

    The site also has a ton of great products like biodegradable eco-crayons, paint made from flowers, great resource books, etc. to surround any child with the knowledge that eco-friendly toys are just as fun (and viable) as your average mass-produced toy!

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