What is a good green organization in America?



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    There are many, many great environmentally-minded groups to get involved with in this country. However, one of the best is almost certainly the Sierra Club, which is the oldest and largest environmental organization in the United States, and includes 1.3 million members nation-wide. Most states in the country have at least one local Sierra Club chapter working on environmental issues important to the surrounding community. On the web page of a local chapter, you’ll almost certainly be able to find many ways to get involved with Sierra Club initiatives. The Club also has a national-level component, which presses for nation-wide policies friendly to environmental causes. The Sierra Club’s influence comes from the support of ordinary people who volunteer to get things done, and becoming a part of this great network is a good way to help the planet.

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    There a number of smaller, regional organizations around the nation as well. Many towns have large community farmers markets or even a large, all organic farm where you can buy all kinds of different food locally (see link). These are good places to meet like minded people and learn about different organizations or behaviors you can engage in to be more environmentally friendly.

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