What is a good green children’s story?



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    “The Lorax” by Dr. Suess is a classic children’s story about conservation.

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    You could also try: A Garden of Opposites; One Light, One Sun; Swimmy; or Charlie and Lola, We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers.

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    The Simon and Schuster publishing company has a great line of books called the Little Green Books series (http://series.simonandschuster.com/Little-Green-Books). All of the books are made from recycled materials and have green and eco-friendly themes. For example, Don’t Throw That Away! (http://series.simonandschuster.com/Little-Green-Books/synopsis) will be released on October 13, 2009, and is about how to recycle and reuse household items for kids.

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    Looney Little: An Environmental Tale, seems to be a good children’s book.  It is considered to be a “Chicken Little tale with an environmental theme.”  The book is reccomended for children ages 4-8 .

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