What is a good green birthday gift idea?



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    Hmmm, well a lot depends I’d say on the person whose birthday it is. There are a lot of options out there for eco-friendly gifts (from appliances to furniture to food, etc., etc.), and you could even throw an environmentally conscious birthday party for them. To help you out, I attached a couple sites with suggestions for green gifts. 

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    If it’s for a female, you can buy her eco-friendly makeup, clothing, jewelry.
    If it’s for a male, you can get him a recycled t-shirt, or eco-friendly BBQ tools.
    For a child, you can get him/her eco-friendly toys.

    You can also make something yourself, such as knit a hat or a sweater, make a pillow, or give away a book.

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    Depending on age, you could get somebody something from http://www.greentoys.com/ which creates the toys from recycled plastics and has all materials and manufacturing done in the US to reduce emissions and wastes from overseas transportation. For an older person, a water canteen is a good way to go green by cutting down on bottled water.

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    I think eco-friendly gadgets are always interesting and reliably good gifts. A solar power charger is a cool eco-gadget. Solar Style sells solar power chargers that you can use to power all your gadgets, e.g., your mp3 player, laptop, and digital camera. Here is a link to more information about the charger!

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    You could create a great green gift by recycling something you have already on hand, say a shirt for example and revamp it into something else. Take a button-up shirt and make it into a dress (if it’s for a girl) or into some groovy shorts (if it’s a guy.) You can also craft a project using a various array of things you find around the house, like an art project. There’s a new life for all the things you have! You can create a pencil case out of some old screws and glue and bit of imagination. I’m sure that the extra effort will pay off in their appreciation that you spent that time for them (: I’ll leave a site for you for inspiration

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    One year, for my mom’s birthday, I bought all fresh ingredients from the local farmers’ market and prepared a few dishes for her and the family. A homemade meal created from organic ingredients grown nearby, harvested very recently, and cooked right away has so much flavor! Instead of taking someone out to dinner, this could be a good alternative for an eco-friendly person. 

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