What is a good fuel efficient SUV?



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    A number of websites have produced “Top 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars/SUVs of 2010” lists.  Here are a few of them:


    http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/latest/fuel-efficient-cars-47102201 (the SUVs are toward the end of the list on this site, but they are there!)


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    Really, there is no fuel efficient SUV. An SUV saying hybrid is like a light cigarette, its still just as bad it just doesn’t seem like it. If you want to go green, don’t drive an SUV, drive a hybrid sedan, ride a bike or take public transportation.

    If you want a list of fuel efficient SUVs, here it is


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    For 2010 models, the most fuel efficient is the Ford Escape Hybrid, which gets 32 miles per gallon.  The Mercury Mariner hybrid is also a good choice, but keep in mind that the most friendly environmental choice is to avoid SUVs altogether.

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