What is a good food to grow in a home garden?



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    There are so many good foods you can grow! The best would be foods that you would eat a lot. Watermelon is delicious (at least I think so), and would save you a lot of money rather than going to the store to buy them. My mom grows her own peppers, so when she’s cooking she’ll just go out in the yard to grab some to throw in her pot. Those also grow pretty year round. Fruit trees are also great; I grew up with orange and lemon trees in the backyard so we had fresh juice a lot when they were in season.

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    This really depends on where you live.  I live in Western New York, where tomatoes, green peppers,cucumbers and cauliflower run rampant over the lawn during the summer.  Squash and pumpkin are also great fall vegetables.  The Garden Primer is a great book to get, since it covers everything and is 100% organic with its information.  To get a grasp of things what will grow well in your climate, it’d recommend looking for local books on gardening, since it varies to much from region to region. 

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    Tomatoes and herbs such as basil and cilantro are ideal crops to grow in a home garden because they are so useful in cooking, and many gardeners argue that these items are especially delicious when fresh. During the cold season, lettuce is great to grow because it continually produces as you pull off its leaves. Squash comes in many varieties that are grown in various seasons and is a particularly productive crop for a home garden. 

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