What is a good fertilizer for a home garden?



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    If you want go the organic way when choosing your fertilizers go to a local hardware store, there should be a ton to choose from. When making your selection choose a plant-specific selection (some plants require different soil). Also make sure it is a slow-release organic fertilizer that nourishes and it decomposes in the soil. Most contain fish meal, bone meal, derived from food-processing waste or fruit and vegetable waste, and kelp.

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    Compost is probably the most eco-friendly fertilizer you can use, and it’s something you can make yourself using food waste, so it’s pretty inexpensive. Here’s a site that explains how to make compost yourself:

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    There are a lot of good organic fertilizers for your home garden.  In the long term they will help build soil nutrients and are a better strategy than relying on non-organic fertilizers.  GrowOrganic has a lot of organic fertilizer to choose from.

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