What is a good fast growing tree that I can use for shade in my house?



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    The fiddle leaf fig tree is an indoor growing tree which can either remain small or grow larger to provide more shade. It is a bushy tree with large leaves and if you grow it in a big pot they can become large enough to provide shade. Citrus trees may be an even better option because they can get very large but can also be grown indoors. They also grow good smelling fruits!

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    Generally shade trees are grown outdoors, and shade the home.  The Royal Empress Tree looks like it would be a great choice for zones 5-8.  The reviews are all favorable that I read.  It looks like you can even chop it down, and it will grow back even more!  It is rated to grow 12 feet per year!

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    Eucalyptus trees grow very quickly. There is a story about a small town in California that was attempting to get a bid for a railroad to come through their town, and to entice the company, they planted a lot of Eucalyptus trees to be used as railroad ties, apparently unaware that the wood of Eucalyptus can’t be used for railroad ties. So now, the town is stuck with all the trees.

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