What is a good example of Greenwashing?



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    Shaving cream cans. They say they aren’t made with any CFC’s which are bad for our ozone! But they are made with them!

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    There are all too many excellent examples of companies and governments using inflated or misleading claims about their green credentials to sell products to eco-conscious consumers. However, perhaps one of the best recent examples is provided by the palm oil industry. Though palm oil is also used as a food ingrediant, demand for this products has spiked sharply in recent years because it can be made into biodiesel to power vehicles. Palm oil companies have attempted to sell their products as a “green” alternative to petroleum-based fuels, which can help us reduce global warming emissions from cars and trucks. At the same time however, palm oil plantations in tropical area of the world are destroying huge areas of tropical rainforest, and have become a major contributor to global warming themselves. Indonesia has become the third largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the US, largely thanks to expanding palm oil plantations that are destroying that country’s forests. This is a perfect example of an industry that is trying to pass itself off as green, while actually doing incredible harm to the climate and global biodiversity.

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