What is a good electric motorcycle for commuting?



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    On October 2005, Yamaha revealed a hybrid motorcycle concept at the Tokyo show which is quite unlike any form of two wheeler seen to date. The motorcycle, to be known as the Gen-Ryu, uses the high output lightweight comapct YZF-R6 600cc motor and an electric motor to deliver the type of performance as a futuristic cruiser with advanced aerodynamics and some form of noise cancelling in the cockpit area to enable voice activation of the navigation system, mobile telephone, intercom communications with the pillion and other equipped riders plus a dazzling array of advanced technologies such as headlights which turn to the inside of the corner and rear cameras playing through LCD screen in the dashboard. This motorcycle will cost about $800-2,000.

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    There is a pretty small selection of electric commuter motorcycles. There is one called the Zero XU that has a removable battery pack and is intended for commuting. It is said that the battery has the capability to “easily dispatch with the average city commute”. It is an extremely light weight bike and, while I have not ridden one personally, is reportedly a lot of fun to ride. It is recommended for city use mostly and at speeds under 50 mph for optimal battery use. The Zero XU is priced just under $8,000 US, with the battery being the most expensive factor. 

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