What is a good electric bicycle to buy in America?



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    There are several options for electric bicycles. I actually recommend electric bikes that are also able to be folded so that you can use them more and carry them with you. Even though the electric folding bikes way more than traditional folding bikes they would be a great asset to your transportation needs. Information on both folding bikes, electric bikes, and electric folding bikes can be found at the website in the citation section below.

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    The best quality and service for Electric bikes, there is a guy in San Diego. He develped high Quality Electric bikes at a great price over the big companies. He inspects every single bike personally and uses top equipment. http://www.grncruiser.com or facebook is http://www.facebook.com/greencruiser  

    Yes he has a foldup but its diff. it is actually a full size 24″ foldup. Folds in half. Not like the others with the small wheels and in which you feel you should be wearing a big red nose. Check the site out!

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    The Optibike 850R is a good electric bicycle; featuring the largest battery available in an electric bike, superior handling and Schwalbe brand tires with Kevlar reinforcement, the Optibike 850R is one of the best on the line. The price tag for the bike is $11,995.00.

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