What is a good efficient wood stove to buy for my home?



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    Archguard makes a very low emissions pellet stove (http://www.archgard.com/fireplaces/optima-ps1.htm) While pellets are the best for a slow, hot burning, low emissions fire, they do need electricity to keep the pellets feeding into the firebox. In general, check the EPA rating when looking for a wood stove. You want as low emission per hour rating as possible (between 1-4 grams of smoke per hour if possible.) Also, a Catalytic stove is best for burning the smoke itself and turning it into a less harmefull emission. When building a fire, use only enough newspaper to light the wood, and use small, seasones sticks and logs that have been allowed to dry for at least one year. Never burn wrapping paper or cardboard either.

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