what is a good effects of volcanic eruption



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    Volcanic eruptions can form new land masses, see the Hawaiian islands, so if you are into a slight “fixer-upper” when it comes to real estate. While volcanic eruptions are mostly hazardous releasing destructive hot magma and global warming gases (Carbon dioxide, Chlorine) and global cooling gases (Sulfur dioxide – this can also lead to acid rain). However, one of the positives from a volcanic eruption is the release water vapor that adds to the water supply, a volcanic eruption is mostly water vapor, about 70 percent.

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    Soils that develop on volcanic ash deposits and lavas are typically very rich, leading people to settle there because of the excellent agricultural possibilities. Until the next eruption.

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    Volcanic ash is typically viewed as an agent of destruction, but it provides materials from which “some of the most productive soils in the world are formed”.  This high production soil is a result from combining unique physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties.  Minerals in volcanic ash form strong bonds with organic matter.  This result leads to large quantities of organic matter accumulating on the surface.  The problem is that it takes years for the soil to accept the ash, until it does the ash is actually detrimental to the health of organic material growing on the soil’s surface.

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