What is good ecological design?



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    Most agree that a city with easy walkways to stores and local attraction, easy access to public transportation, and using the most of space are the most important things. The attached site has a mapped out design of such a city.

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    There are ecology-conscious design principles that can be applied to both infrastructure and landscapes alike. To unite the two and create a sustainable system both indoors and out is “good ecological design”.  I heard a piece on NPR about an elementary school in Seattle (Bertschi Elementary) that has been given the “Living Building” status–which is the highest level of sustainability in commercial building. From recycled construction materials, to composting toilets, to organic urban gardens, to net-zero energy and water usage–this school is a premiere example of environmental design in action. To see the transcript of KUOW’s piece go to: http://www.kuow.org/program.php?id=22562

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