What is a good eco friendly sun block for my face?



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    There are a lot of eco-friendly choices when you’re looking to protect your skin this summer!

    Alba Botanica Sun is recommended for all skin types. It is completely organic, and contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and chamomile to moisturize your skin, and green tea and vitamin E to protect from antioxidants. Pick it up at your local Target or Whole Foods!

    Badger Balm is an option created by a family business. It utilizes olive oil, beeswax,  and Aloe Vera. Badger has a lot of different all-natural products, you should check them out! You can find it at REI, or online a their website.

    A third option is JR Watkins Natural Apothecary. It contains all-natural titanium dioxide to protect your skin from UV rays, and helps moisturize it as well! You can get it online, or at select target stores!

    Check out the link for a couple more options!

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    Thankfully, there are more and more choices for eco-friendly sunscreen every year. One of our favorite brands is COOLA. COOLA sunscreen is combined with twelve certified organic extracts, including Aloe Vera and Yarrow, to nurture and promote skin cell regeneration and provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sun protection for your entire body.

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    My number one recommendation would be to make your own!!!This way is cheaper, more controlled and most likely, better for the planet and you! 

    Please look at hte link I provided. This lady does amazing stuff and tells you exactly what to do. In this one, she is making a sunscreen and bug repellant, which you might not need. Just look to see what repels bugs, and if you do not need that, do not use it. This lady also gives awesome advise and responds to questions.

    There are also plenty of people who do similar things. Look up DIY sunscreen or sunblock (technically sunblock doesn’t exist).

    Good luck

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