What is a good eco friendly material to make a driveway out of?



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    “Cool pavements” are a great way to reduce the effects of global warming on an individual basis.  Cool pavements refer to new types of pavement which reduce heat absorption.  Specifically in populated areas, scientists are facing the problem of “urban heat islands.”  Since there is a concentration of pavement (usually black), the average temperature is typically much higher in cities than in surrounding rural areas.

    Painting roofs white or using lighter colored concrete can go a long way in reducing the aggregate temperature in urban areas.

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    You could also use porous asphalt instead of conventional asphalt. Porous asphalt is all-natural and is far better in draining water. This type of pavement features less material so that the water can sink right through it instead of letting it build up as run-off to potentially flood areas. The water then seeps into a “recharge bed” underneath the asphalt and is temporarily stored there before it slowly returns back to the soil of the earth. This system also filters the rainwater so it is cleaner water than it was before it ever hit your driveway.

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