What is a good eco friendly home made laundry detergent?



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    There are many recipes for eco-friendly, home made laundry detergents. Here is one. Ingredients: 1 bar of soap (not antibacterial); 1/2 cup of borax; 1/2 cup of baking soda; Grater; Resealable container. Directions: Grate bar of soap into container. Pour in borax and baking soda and mix well. Use 1 tbsp. for small or lightly soiled loads and 2 tbsp. for large or heavily soiled loads. Find more recipes at this website: ecofriendlydaily.com/home/eco-friendly-laundry/

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    Eco-friendly home made laundry detergent is a great way to help the environment. All you need is hot water, washing soda, and bar soap, like ivory. You have to grate the bar soap and then melt it, along with the washing soda, in the hot water. It will end up being a gel consistency.

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