What is a good eco friendly brand of paint?



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    There are a couple different ways to make a paint job eco-friendly; one of the ways is with low VOC paints, which have a volatility of 200 grams or less of paint. Green Seal is a company that is excelling in this endeavor, creating low-VOC with a paint that has less than 50 grams. Another route is to use natural elements in your paint, like clay paint. Another option is a limestone wash (or lime wash) which creates a green color and a green (environmentally friendly) paint. Some brands in particular are BioShield Paint and YOLO Colorhouse.


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    In additon to gembury’s suggestions, Colori Chicago, BioShield, Silacoat, and Real Milk Paint are all good options for environmentally friendly paints that are non-toxic. 

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    Benjamin Moore also has an eco-friendly product, their “Green Promise” paints, which yield very little and sometimes 0 VOCs, as gembury described. Their website (linked below) have a couple nice videos explaining their product and its greenness.  

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