What is a good conservation plan to save forests?



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    Saving forests is about land and resource management. People destroy forests to use the resources they can take from it, like trees, and to use the land for development or agriculture. So a good conservation plan begins with reducing the need/want for those resources. Also there are methods of tree harvesting that are less destructive than others. And land usage can be planned out strategically.

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    In order to conserve forests, they have to be more economically valuable as forests than as the altnerative (crop land, grazing land, suburbia). One option is to develop a market of non-timber forest products, such as herbs, mushrooms and artisan crafts that can be continually extracted from the forests but require the forest to be maintained as an active and dynamic forest ecosystem. Another option is to develop a tourism base to provide income from the recreational value that forests provide–whether it simply be camping and hiking, guided tours of local flora/fauna, or somewhat more destructive activities such as dirtbiking, all these activities (and more) can bring in substantial income to a forest owners. Finally, forest management that promotes diversity and long-term productivity can both extract valuable timber and maintain a healthy forest system.

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    Raising public awareness of the devastating effects of deforestation is one way of addressing the issue.  Ecological education programs geared toward children are a good way to instill future generations with an appreciation for preserving forests.  An art exhibit in London (see the link below for a visual) displays enormous roots and stumps from Africa – art can be an effective means of raising awareness.

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