What is a good company to work with if I want to plant a bunch of trees?



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    GreenAnswers! If you are a writing intern here, a tree is planted for every question you answer. Besides that, there are plenty of companies that plant trees for every purchase made through them. This link has a couple of them.http://weheartworld.com/green-living/10-products-that-get-a-tree-planted/. I;m also assuming that working for the Arbor Day Foundation would get plenty of trees in the ground. 

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    I agree! Work at GreenAnswers! If you are an intern, a tree is planted for every question you answer. Being a part of this website is beneficial to the environment because you are fostering environmental discussion/debate, and supporting the non-profit organization Trees, Water and People.  

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    If you want to plant trees more directly, you can work with a number of organizations. Trees, Water & People, for example, is the organization through GreenAnswers plants trees, and they often have volunteer openings. You could also try to work with the US Forestry Service or your state’s Forestry Service, since they have quite a few reforestation efforts. There are also many community-based tree planting programs. I recommend searching for “tree planting program (your state/city/area here)”.

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    Answer questions on GreenAnswers! For every five questions you answer on the site, GreenAnswers will plant a tree in Central America. GreenAnswers has partnered with a nonprofit called Trees Water & People to actually plant the trees. Check out this page for more information about the tree planting. Also, you can see if you look in the upper right hand corner of the page, you will see a tree counter that shows how many trees GreenAnswers members have planted today and all-time.

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