What is a good company to go to for a green wedding?



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    First, if you’re the groom, congratulations!

    You might want to check out some of the ideas at GreatGreenWedding.com. In addition to supplying a list of links to companies that can help, they also have some great ideas on how to make your special day and eco-friendly one.

    GreenWeddings.net provides a wedding planner, officiants for the ceremonies, etc.

    You may want to also read about green weddings in The Knot. They provide a list of services for earth-friendly weddings.

    Finally, The Sierra Club also has a short guide to green weddings.

    Make your special day special for the Earth, too!

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    In addition to the resources mentioned above, one company you could use is Ethical Weddings (http://www.ethicalweddings.com), which focuses not only on environmental integrity but also social justice in wedding planning. They provide an easy way to access many different companies, generally small local ones, to help brides and grooms plan an “ethical” wedding. They focus on fair trade, organic and locally produced products, reducing waste, and reducing negative impacts. Some of the issues they refer to include conflict diamonds, flowers grown in hothouses with chemicals, and dresses made in places that have questionable labor ethics. They include articles, advice, and ideas from many different areas of wedding planning, and seem to be a great resource for someone trying to plan an environmentally friendly wedding.

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