What is a good company to buy hiking supplies at to get eco friendly gear?



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    A great place to find eco-friendly gear is at REI. Although they are a big company they do try hard to please.  They have a great gift selection to check out. From backpacks and clothing, to footwear and food, you get the eco friendly items with the quality that you know is built to last.

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    GoLite makes light-weight products backing them with a lifetime warranty. They also commit to fair labor practices. 

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    I agree with syl6. REI carries almost anything you would need for hiking, has great customer service, and seems to be very environmentally aware.

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    REI is a co-op, and you can become a member through them.  When you have your membership, you get 10% of your yearly REI purchases back in a rebate to spend at their store.  They have pretty much everything for outdoor activities: frisbees, clothing, shoes, kayaks, canoes, tents, and backpacking accessories.  They also host garage sales where you can find bargain deals.

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    Patagonia uses recycled materials to make many of their products.  They also have very fair labor practices for their employees.  They are also known for producing the best mountaineering and lightweight backpacking gear on the market.  However, their products are quite expensive.  I would recommend buying one or two essential items there such as a sleeping bag or rain jacket.  It is definitely not the place to go for one stop shopping.

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