What is a good choice for a fuel efficient truck powerful enough to pull a boat?



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    This really decides on the size of the boat your looking at pulling. If you just have a small fishing boat, and a compact pickup will suffice, then the Ford Ranger would be your best choice offering 22 city/ 27 hwy mpg.

    If your looking to pull a ski boat or related size, and need a full size pickup, then the Nissan Titan SE offers the best mileage in class with 13/18 MPG (actual tested mpg = 15.7). It should be noted that in the full size pickup category the MPG for all of the pickups are very close.

    Another option would be to go diesel as diesel engines offer better MPG than gas models of the same size. The GMC Sierra 3500 with a MPG of 18.26 offers trailering capabilities of 13,000 lbs and fifth-wheel capabilities of 17,400 lbs.

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    Back in 2000 through 2003, Toyota produced an electric Rav4. This is one of the few electric vehicles from the California electric vehicle boom of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s induced by California Air Resources Board (CARB) legislation that was actually sold rather than leased. Thus, a few of them are still on the roads. However, the people who own them absolutely love them and you will probably not be able to find one for sale. I have a second cousin who owns one. It gets 120 miles per charge and he would not sell it for anything. However, you can always make your own electric vehicle and/or put pressure on Toyota to start making them again.

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