What is a good career to go into that can help the environment?



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    Several types of careers are available if you are looking into helping the environment.  Many green-friendly companies are on the rise that deal with nature restoration and alternatice energy sources.

    You may want to invest in a major that leans toward the environment, like Biology or Environmental Studies.  The link bleow is a database of current green-friendly jobs open now, just to get an idea of what’s out there.

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    How about organic farming? You could produce food for your community in a way that is healthy towards the environment, other people, and yourself! Also, within the field of environmentalism you could pursue a career in sustainability , helping companies make decisions that are environmentally sustainable for both their benefit and the environment’s. Some examples include sustainable forestry and utilizing renewable energy sources. Or, you could work to educate people about environmental issues, extending your impact even further.

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    If you have or are interested in a degree in biology or environmental studies, wildlife conservation is immensely rewarding work.  Non-profit organizations such as Conservation International and the World Wildlife Fund work hard to preserve wild animals’ habitats and ways of life for the future. 

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    There are all kinds of careers out there that can help the environment, but most of them require specialized training or a college education. I believe that some of the greatest opportunities out there lie in installing solar panels and wind turbines, as the demand for those types of energy will surely increase in the coming years. Ultimately, which careers are “good” will depend on your particular interests and skills. Liked below is a website with good descriptions of a wide variety of green jobs.

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