What is a good brand of paper plate for the environment?



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    Eco-Products makes a good set of paper plates to order online.  Usually any plate that doesn’t use the petroleum based coating (like most coffee cups) is good to be recycled.

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    EATware (@treecycle.com) and Conserve (@restockit.com) are good brands of environmentally-friendly paper plates.  Conserve-brand plates are under twenty bucks for a pack of 85, and are machine-washable, made from sugar-cane with no petroleum involved in manufacturing.  Treecycle has several biodegradable brands for sale, including EATware – a pack of 500 is just under a hundred bucks.

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    Seventh Generation produces paper plates with 100% recycled/35% post-consumer content, and they’re chlorine free.  They make the only paper plates with post-consumer content that I have been able to find.  All of their packaging material is 100% recyclable, and the packaging includes a written reminder to “Please recycle this package”.  Seventh Generation also makes a variety of other green household items.

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    Eaternal Plates are made from Areca leaves and are 100% eco-friendly.  They are made from the fallen leaves of palm trees, so no trees are cut down.  Another plus is that Areca leaves don’t conduct heat and are biodegradable.  They come in a variety of shapes and can be washed and reused.

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