What is a good BPA free baby bottle company?



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    There are a number of companies that make BPA-free baby bottles and sippy cups. One is Green to Grow, which makes baby bottles out of materials free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, lead, and nitrosamines. All their packaging is 100% recyclable, and the bottles are all dishwasher safe. In addition, the company helps give back to the community through their program Bottle to Babies, which helps consumers who no longer need baby bottles to donate them to non-profit organizations that can distribute the bottles to needy mothers. In 2010 this program donated $40,000 worth of their products to a program working with an orphanage in Haiti. Green to Grow seems to be not only committed to producing products that are better for the environment and for babies, but also to helping those in need.

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    The website below lists fifteen companies who manufacture BPA free baby bottles:

    1.       Green to Grow

    2.       Adiri

    3.       Sigg

    4.       Babylife

    5.       Born Free

    6.       Thinkbaby

    7.       Medela

    8.       Thermos

    9.       Klean Kanteen

    10.   Playtex

    11.   Dr Browns

    12.   Mam by Sassy

    13.   Safe Sippy

    14.   Boon

    15.   Nuby

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    One baby bottle brand that does not use BPA is Gerber Clear View. They are made with a plastic that does not have BPA and are relatively easy to find. Evenflo also carries a bottle without BPA. Its called the Evenflo classic glass nurser bottle. Since it is made out of glass it does not have BPA.  

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