What is a good argument in response to climate change skeptics who site bad weather as evidence against global warming?



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    Bad weather proves that climate change is real. Global warming was kind of thrown out as a term because people think global warming = hotter. Climate change includes global warming, but it also includes other unprecedented weather anomolies, such as terrible storms.  Changing weather patterns lead to these storms, and while I’m not a metoerologist and couldn’t explain exactly how, these storms and climate change are very strongly coorelated (some people would say that coorelation doesn’t prove causation, but I would say thats a weak techincal argument in response to piles of scientific proof that the two are related).

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    I agree.  Climate change influences storms in particular, increasing their strength and length, as is the case with hurricanes. Moreover, all too often nay-sayers claim that cold weather is evidence that climate change doesn’t exist.  Climate change is studied and seen over a lengthy period of time, not day to day or month to month. Climate change also means more extreme weather, not just hot weather.

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