What is going to happen to the restaurant in Los Angeles that served whale?



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    The Hump was fined heavily, and has voluntarily closed down, along with sending out an apology to the community at large. The owner has also decided to help spread awareness about illegal whaling–probably to save what little reputation he has left. 

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    According to LA Weekly, The Hump — a once-popular Santa Monica sushi restaurant — shut itself down and issued a statement of culpability as well as an apology for serving the whale meat, which is a federal crime.  A few weeks later, the same publication updated the story with the news that the U.S. Attorney’s Office requested that the charges against the restaurant’s owner, Typhoon (another Los Angeles-area restaurant) and its sushi chef be dismissed. 

    The Hump remains closed.  The restaurant was originally exposed as part of a sting operation coordinated by a documentary film crew and federal agents.

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