what is going on with the Chamber of Commerce?



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    Well Apple broke up with them recently, “Computing giant Apple defected from the US Chamber of Commerce, as a growing rift emerges over the group’s opposition to tough climate change rules, according to a letter.

    The firm “supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions, and it is frustrating to find the chamber at odds with us in this effort,” said Apple vice president Catherine Novelli, on Tuesday.”

    Though they are not the only ones, “The US Chamber of Commerce’s controversial calls to put the latest climate science “on trial” as part of its campaign to block proposed carbon legislation could yet prompt another high-profile walk out, after reports emerged that Nike was to quit it’s post on the trade group’s board.”

    The world’s largest not-for-profit business federation is trying every trick in the lobbyist’s handbook to scupper the legislative progress of the US cap and trade bill. Burger King called global warming ‘baloney’ earlier this year. Now other US businesses, under the umbrella of the US Chamber of Commerce, are calling for a trial on man-made climate change.

    “It’s highly tempting to call the Chamber’s bluff on such a trial and say “bring it on”. It sure would be fun – and deeply revealing – to see who it would call as its expert witnesses. But the reality is such a trial would provide the distraction and delay it so evidently craves. What the proposed trial does provide, though, is a sobering reminder about the combined might and resources of the forces that are now working so hard to scupper any meaningful action on reducing emissions.”

    So what is going on with the Chamber of Commerce? Dirty business, they are trying to avoid legislation that may affect them and their constituents. Therefore they negate the sciences and claim there needs to be more studies before any conclusion about global warming – for instance – can be released (sounds familiar).

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