What is going to be involved in California’s green building codes?



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    This program, called CALGREEN, will try to improve water and electricity efficiency, and reduce waste and emissions in newly constructed buildings throughout California. It establishes new standards for new construction which affect all aspects of the construction and maintenance process.

    A Federal News Service release said of CALGREEN: it will “require that every new building constructed in California reduce water consumption by 20 percent, divert 50 percent of construction waste from landfills and install low pollutant-emitting materials… requires separate water meters for nonresidential buildings’ indoor and outdoor water use, with a requirement for moisture-sensing irrigation systems for larger landscape projects and mandatory inspections of energy systems (e.g., heat furnace, air conditioner and mechanical equipment) for nonresidential buildings over 10,000 square feet to ensure that all are working at their maximum capacity and according to their design efficiencies… reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent) by 3 million metric tons equivalent in 2020.”


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