What is the goal of UN World Food Day?



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    United Nations sponsored World Food Day has several objectives including highlighting the importance of agricultural food production; encouraging economic and technical cooperation between developing countries; encouraging the participation of rural people, including women and the under privileged to make important decisions concerning their living conditions; bringing to public awareness the plight of the hungry in the world; promoting the growth and development of new technologies in the developing world; strengthening international and national solidarity in the war against hunger and poverty; and highlighting the achievements made in food and agricultural development. 

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    The goal of the UN World Food Day is to increase awareness of the world food problem and help the fight against hunger and malnutrition.  It is observed on October 16th and has been around since 1981.  There are many events held world-wide to support World Food Day, you can see some of the events held in the US on the second link I posted.  

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