What goal do you think is most important for us to reach for the environment?



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    Curb greenhouse gas emissions (within 25 years, get it to the point where we are not putting out more than we are locking up)… and restore the atmosphere (and, just as importantly they are saying now, the oceans) to a level of CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases (which — reflect and trap heat — cause global warming) which can be managable; and not lead to further warming, which will inevitably lead to irreversible climate change, if we do not do something about it soon.

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    One major goal is that people on the earth have to be educated about the environment and how to reduce waste and pollution through self-education,media or formal training. If everyone knows what their impact is on the environment, people would reduce their use of water, electricity and gasoline. Individuals have to set a goal for sustainable living. One person does matter and can make a difference.
    Helping to save the planet has synergies with other goals you may have for other life aspects, as environmental goals may also enhance:
    1. Your ‘Finance’ life aspect, by saving resources such as power and water, walking to work, selective purchasing, etc you will also save money.
    2. Your ‘Health and Well-being’ life aspect, by walking or cycling instead of driving.
    3. Your ‘Recreation’ life aspect, if your environmental activities become like a ‘hobby’ to you.
    4. Your ‘Spiritual’ life aspect, by appreciating that there is something bigger than all of us.

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