What Global Warming?

There’s a lot of links, but I still see no empirical scientific data showing that Al Gore’s Global warming is in fact a reality. You make no mention of reams of data and research that that disprove this whole Global Warming scenario. Mention nothing about all of the scientists who have distanced themselves from the IPCC report, though the IPCC refuses to remove their names from the report, even though these scientists have no belief in the report and it’s conclusions.

It’s been shown that Global warming lags about 800 years behind increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. What caused to Global Warming that took place during the Renaissance? Or the mini Ice age before that? Why has it generally been getting colder?

There are so many questions that you don’t answer. Just citing other sources, all of who want to believe in Global Warming is not enough. There is another side to the debate.





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    It is not getting colder on average, average temperatures are actually increasing and that was one of the major focuses of the Copenhagen meetings to cap this increase. If temperatures keep on rising, the ice caps will continue to melt, leading to higher sea / ocean levels which will lead to some coastal living areas / islands becoming unlivable.

    Also, its not just increasing temperatures that we have to worry about, the blanket term is climate change. You can see all around the world recently their have been “super storms” the likes of which have never been recorded in history. There are no sources for this information because it is generally considered fact, and if you do not believe it then there will be no convincing you.

    Globalization is a huge problem with emissions that we did not have to deal with in other phases of history before planes became so cheap to fly. When you have economies based on making cheap products in countries with no labor laws, and flying them around the world to be sold because it is “cheaper” without taking into considering the cost (environmentally) of emissions, then there is clearly a problem that needs to be dealt with. 

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