What is the gippsland earthworm?



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    A native australian species of earth worm, the gippsland earthworm is a hermaphrodite that still requires two individuals to reproduce. Recorded up to FOUR meters, the Giant gippsland earthwormis is so big it is occasionaly mistaken as a snake. You would assume that something so big would be easily seen, however they live very deep within the earth, surfacing only when heavy rain flushes them out.

    Unfortunately, these worms are now on the endangered species list, becoming more threatened as their habitat dwindles due to the clearing of forests. To put extra salt on the wound, these worms reproduce and develop at slow rates.


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    The gippsland earthworm is the largest earthworm native to Australia. It’s average length is anywhere from two to three meters (6.5 to 10 feet) with the longest recorded worm measuring in at four meters (13.5 feet).

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