What is Germany going to replace their nuclear power with?



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    They will probably start moving to renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.  The fact that some of the plants won’t be closed down until 2022 shows that they need to keep nuclear energy going as a “bridging technology” until they can find other sources of energy.  Right now, nuclear power provides 23% of Germany’s energy, so it won’t be an easy task.

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    To the pleasure of many environmentalists, Germany has decided to invest into forms of renewable energy like wind, solar, and hydro power. Unfortunately, many people in Germany are worried about power shortages now. Germany’s economy will hopefully be able to tolerate this switch of energy sources, for the positive benefits of it are endless.

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    Prior to the beginning of their nuclear plant shutdowns, Germany was an energy exporter- the country exported between 70 and 150 gigawatt-hours. After the shutdown, Germany had to import 50 gigawatt hours to keep up energy in the country. So far, the plan is to construct more wind power plants in Northern Germany. However, it will not be enough to keep Germany from importing energy and alternative methods will have to be found.

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    They are looking to replace it with wind and solar energy. But how far would that satiate their need of power is a question. Currently they would be depening upon France to fulfill their needs


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