What is the GE Ecomagination Challenge?



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    The GE Ecoimagination Challenge was a challenge sponsored by General Electric that asked people to submit their ideas for an innovative, original “smart grid” technology. Ideas were evaluated for potential commercial value and innovation.

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    There are 3 different categories for the challenge:

    • Create – Renewable energy

    People are asked to create a technology or process that “will maximize the penetration of renewables into the grid.”

    • Connect – Grid Efficiency

    People are asked to send ideas, technologies and process that would increase the efficiency of the grid, such as reducing the voltage, lower delivery losses and monitor demand.

    • Use – EcoHomes/EcoBuildings

    People are asked to send in consumer-oriented technologies that will help home-owners become more involved in managing their energy use.

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    Ecoimagination challenge looks for new developments and fresh approaches from entrepreneurs, startups, and major players—from sustainable products already on the market to newly designed technology solutions.
    One idea: Rentricity— invented by Zammataro who is President and Co-Founder of this New York City energy company and he discovered a new way to tap into the excess pressure in water-treatment plants, reservoirs, and factories to help power our water infrastructure, which consumes four percent of America’s electricity.

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