What is the furthest we have gone in a space shuttle so far?



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    The Voyager 1, first launched on September 5, 1977, has (so far) traveled a total distance of 10.8 billion miles (17.4 billion kilometers). The spacecraft, which still sends scientific information to NASA, has explored the outermost edge of the solar system and is projected to reach interstellar space – the space between the stars – around the year 2015.

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    shaunabannan is correct about the Voyager. It is an amazing craft. The furthest distance that an actual space shuttle has actually gone with people in it is to the moon. The only manned moon mission have been conducted by NASA with the Apollo program in the 60’s and 70’s. Altogether, 12 men have walked on the moon, making them the people who have been the furthest away from earth in history. The space shuttle program was discontinued by NASA last year so this may remain the record for a while.

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