What is the furthest south that we can find wolves?



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    That depends on which wolf you’re referring to. The species most commonly called just ‘wolf’ is the gray wolf, spread over the Northern Hemisphere.

    • Gray wolf’s southernmost populations is in southern India, with southern Arabian Peninsula keeping a close second.
    • Ethiopian wolf is further south than gray wolf – it is found only in Ethiopia, as its name suggests.
    • Maned wolf is found in several South American countries, placing it much more to the south of the other wolves, with northern Argentina being the southernmost part of its range.
    • Coyote is often called a prairie wolf, and can be found in North America almost as far south as Panama.
    • Some subspecies of golden jackal are sometimes called wolves, the southern tip of the range of which is in Kenya.

    In addition to that, some gray wolf subspecies have been proposed by some scientists as separate species. Out of these, the Indian Wolf is the southermost – that southern Indian population I mentioned is theirs. You can use the link below to view the map of other subspecies, if you’re interested how far does which reach:


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