What is the furthest a person has ever ridden a bike?



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    I guess that depends on what your criteria is for the time frame they can do it in.  In one hour, depending on the equipment used, the records are between 49.7 km and 87.123 km.  The longest distance traveled seems to be that of the entire length of Great Britain (874 miles) taking between 41, to just over 44 hours. The record for distance traveled in one year is 75,065 miles, set in 1939, and the record for the distante traveled in one minute (static cycling) is 1.27 miles.

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    “Take A Seat” is a documentary about Dominic Gill, who rode a tandem bike 18,449 miles – from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuala, the southernmost city of South America.

    Gill rode a tandem bike and picked up partners along the way, sometimes just for a mile or two and sometimes for a week or two.  The documentary traveled the World as part of the 2009/2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival. 

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