what is the furthest that a fire crew has gone to fight a fire?



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    I’m not really sure what is meant by this question, but I think what your asking is to what extremes do firefighters go to fight fires.  If I’m wrong you can just comment and then i will try to find the answer for you.  

    However, assuming that is the question, I can tell you that firefighters will try just about everything.  My dad is a firefighter and so I have had to go to some funerals of other firefighters who have lost their lives trying to save people from fires.  Their job is to save first, and then extinguish later.  

    In large scale terms (such as forest fires) they pull out anything they can think of.  In some cases they even have helicopters with big, almost cartoon looking, buckets of extinguisher fly over the fire and dump it.  

    The method of how to extinguish usually depends on the circumstance.  Every time can be different 

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