What is the function of the Stonehenge and if you had any clues to find out the function what was it?

This has to do with science and structures. You don’t have to but if you had any clues to find the function then let me know.



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    Possible functions include an astronomical observatory or a site for religious rituals. The clues to determine Stonehenge’s functions fill several books and many scholarly articles. The wikipedia link below has useful references.

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    It’s purpose is almost certainly related to its symmetrical design design. it appears to be some kind of prehistoric cosmological model. Stonehenge is a geometrically inspired architectural work, a temple (forget ‘astronomy’ – that’s a red herring). Note the axis of symmetry, it was set to face the midwinter sunset (and by default the midsummer sunrise) that’s why people believe the whole structure relates to ‘alignments’.


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    Due to the shape of Stonehenge, it was most likely built for ceremonies involving the sun (and/or the moon) and its phases, as observed from earth. This may very well have had religious significance to the ancient European culture who built the structure. Read an interesting and short scholarly article about the structure here.

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