what is the function of the Great Sphinx of Giza?

This has to do with science and structures. I want to also know that if you used any clues to find the function then please let me know and when I talk about function I mean the structures’ job.



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    The Great Sphinx is one of the most mystifying statues in the world. No one knows for sure the purpose for which the sphinx was built, and speculation as to its function. Most interpretations indicate a purpose other than practical

    Functional Use

  2. One of the only things that suggests the Sphinx had a functional use at some point are the tunnels found within. There are a total of three of them located inside. However, they all seem to end abruptly, leaving no solid indication of where they go or of their utility.
  3. Representation

  4. There are at least two possible figures the Sphinx could have been built to represent. Some suggest that it might represent King Khafra, or at least have been ordered by him. The pyramid that is situated immediately behind the Sphinx was Khafra’s. Alternatively, it could be an image of his father, Khufu, commissioned by Khafra’s half-brother Djedefre.
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    A very good question! And, sadly, one that no one really knows the answer to. Egyptologies continue to debate fiercely the true origin and purpose of the Great Sphynx at Egypt.  Many assume the monument was bult during the reign of the Pharaoh Khafra (BC2558 – BC2532), the same pharaoh who comissioned the first pyramid at Giza, and that the statue has his head. It’s possible that the statue is even older, however.

    As for the statue’s purpose, pharaoh’s reguarly built massive momnuments to thesmeleves so that their majesty would live on after death, and instill respect in awe in the generations that follow.  Given the Sphinx’s placement, maybe he is meant to guard the pyramids behind him?  There are relatively few surviving inscriptions regarding the Sphinx and its purpose, so perhaps we’ll never know…

    However, recently archaeologists have discovered some chambers and pathways within the sphinx, although most have yet to be excavated. Can’t wait to see what they find! 

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