What is the function of the appendix?



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    It is claimed by the Duke University Medical Center that the appendix is responsible for producing beneficial germs for your gut.  It works to “reboot your digestive system” when you encounter several stomach problems.  Although we can live without our appendix, it does serve somewhat of a purpose. 

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    That’s the whole point – there isn’t any. It is often infected (with high mortality if untreated): if anything, its only remaining function is to kill the person having it. People who had the appendix removed did not suffer any problems whatsoever with digestion or other body functions. It is believed to a vestige – a remnant of an organ that was more useful earlier in the human evolution. On possibility is that appendix was a special intestine that housed bacteria for digesting leaves (there are similar ones in some herbivores like koalas), as Charles Darwin suggested.

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