What is the function of the appendix?



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    This has been somewhat of a mystery even to doctors and scientist for a long time. Researchers have found that it serves a role in producing and protecting beneficial bacteria. These bacteria actually help the body digest food and are an important part of the human digestive system. The problem occurs when the appendix swells and can rupture releasing the bacteria into other parts of the body which in turns causes infection and even death.

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    There is still some debate among doctors as to whether the appendix serves a function or it is simply a vestigial organ, necessary at one point in our evolutionary history but no longer beneficial to our lifestyle. On the one hand, it is believed to be a part of and play a role in our immune system. On the other hand, it is believed to have been needed when the human diet included tree bark and we needed an extra organ to help break down the tough food, but now our diet makes its function obsolete. Despite the debate, there is universal agreement that the appendix can be removed without any negative health consequences to the patient.

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