What is the fujitsu compostable mouse?



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    The Fujitsu compostable mouse is a computer mouse made with bioplastic instead of petroleum-based plastic. The cable attached to the mouse is made without PVC, and the shell of the mouse is compostable. This compostable shell is made out of biograde and arboform. Biograde is a wood cellulose-based material.Arboform is made of lingin, a byproduct of the pulp industry. The lingin is mixed with natural fibers (such as flax or hemp) in order to form a substance that can be molded into a shape that resembles wood. Fujitsu has previously manufactured a keyboard that is made of 45% bioplastic.

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    Looks just like a regular mouse!  Though this mouse is only available from England, no equivalent has been released in the US yet.  Also, I don’t know that it’s “biodegradable” according to the standards of the Federal Trade Commission, which requires to break down within a short period of time.  Still, this is surely a step in the right direction.

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