What is a fuel catalyst and how does it work?



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    A fuel catalyst is a fuel treatment device that helps to purify and clean your standard gasoline from the local fueling station.  Eliminating bacteria and repairing partially oxidized gasoline, the fuel catalyst ensures that all gas entering your engine is clean and free of impurities.  

    Benefits are a cleaner engine, are improved gas mileage, reduced emissions, higher horsepower and torque and many more.  With a fuel catalyst installed, a vehicle which normally requires an octane rating of 93 can function on 91, as a vehicle requiring an octane of 89 will work perfectly with 87 rated gasoline. 

    Through the long process between when gas leaves the refinery, travels miles in pipelines, in fuel trucks, and sits in storage tanks along the way, it begins to lose it’s purity.  The fuel catalyst brings your automobile’s gasoline back to level of refinery-quality fuel.

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